Dorothy Graham
Dorothy Graham

Software Testing Consultant, Speaker & Author

Dorothy Graham

Dorothy has used her experience gained over many years of working in software testing to educate and motivate others through conference presentations. She is now retired and can be contacted on LinkedIn.

Test Automation Patterns

Dorothy's most recent work was with Seretta Gamba developing a Wiki on Test Automation Patterns. The Wiki contains common issues (problems and tasks) in test automation together with ways that these problems have been solved in practice (the patterns).

The book "A journey through Test Automation Patterns " published on amazon, uses a story to show how to use the patterns.

The Wiki is hosted by EuroStar Conferences on the Huddle and it can be found here. The Wiki is open to be viewed by anyone.

If you would like to comment on anything in the wiki, or share your own experience of using the patterns, please use the feedback form to contact us.