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Books by Dorothy Graham

Foundations of Software Testing
Foundations of Software Testing
Rex Black, Erik Van Veenendaal & Dorothy Graham, Cengage Learning,
First published in 2012 and updated for the 2018 syllabus.

A description of software testing based on the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Foundation Syllabus. This book gives a solid grounding in testing and will help prepare you for the ISTQB Foundation exam.

A journey through test automation patterns
A journey through Test Automation Patterns
Dorothy Graham & Seretta Gamba, Amazon, 2018

This book uses the story of Liz, a test automator, and her experiences in encountering numerous challenges and problems in trying to automate testing in her new job. We see how she goes from initial discouragement, using key ideas gleaned from the Test Automation Patterns wiki, to improve the existing automation and move it forward. We share her set-backs as well as her triumphs; things don’t always turn out as you hoped or thought! To be self-contained, the book also includes the information from the wiki, all the issues and patterns and the Diagnostic, so that everything can be looked up without needing internet access.

The up to date Wiki is available online and is hosted by EuroStar Conferences on the Huddle and it can be found here. The Wiki is open to be viewed by anyone.

Experiences of Test Automation
Experiences of Automation
Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster, Pearson, 2012

This book contains 28 real life case studies together with 14 shorter anecdotes illustrating how success and sometimes failure is achieved in test automation. The material has been vetted and reviewed by Dorothy and Mark with important points being highlighted. It provides a wealth of down to earth practical information. The book is much more than a collection of case studies. It ties together current practice in diverse industries pulling out common themes and trends in a unique way.
Software Test Automation
Software Test Automation
Mark Fewster & Dorothy Graham, Addison Wesley, 1999

If you have or are about to buy a test execution tool, this book is essential to help you achieve the best from the tool. Covering both management and technical issues, it will save you months of wasted effort.
"provides the equivalent of 2 or 3 years of on the job experience - James Bach".
Software Inspection
Software Inspection
Tom Gilb & Dorothy Graham, Addison Wesley, 1993

Find out the secrets of why Inspection is the most effective review technique. Select the most powerful elements to add to your own review skills – the answers to your questions will be found in this book